My Philosophy

I care about my own and others’ wellbeing. I am committed to achieving my dreams, and helping others achiever theirs, in a healthy way. I’m a huge fan of wanting and achieving health and wellness and joy and motivation though the tools of focused, joyful work in combination with rest and relaxation. Living a human life, being a human.

I know that my angle is not for everyone, and I accept that. Those who do vibe with me, I get so much purpose and energy and satisfaction relating with, talking with, coaching, and receiving help from in turn. I am learning how vital support and community are for all of us, especially new artists. I am actively building my own artists’ support group. I am prioritizing that in my life–my time, my space.

I am fully committed to questioning how things have been done and are done. I have already given up my faith tradition, my religious beliefs and community, my life plan, because of this. I do not support anything or anyone that causes or allows suffering, discrimination. I am an advocate for myself and for others less fortunate than I. I accept and know that I cannot save the world or anyone in it, but I do believe that each of us is precious and irreplaceable.

I believe that all people, including myself, have a unique place in the world. I believe there is space for everyone to thrive, for everyone to live their dreams, to live not only free from needless pain and trauma, but to really live, for each day to be a day worth living. I believe that as each person finds their freedom, their inner wisdom will guide them to a life that lifts others through the infectious spread of peace and joy, acceptance and hope.

-8 February 2024